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Best Nano Drones – 2021 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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You don’t need to spend thousands, hundreds, or even $50 an a drone in order to have fun as a pilot. You can spend as little as $13 to get up in the air.


With a nano drone.

Nano drones and quadcopters are miniature in size, sometimes around the the size of a quarter. They can be flown indoors, which is a huge advantage over the more expensive drones.

And they can help you build up your skills before moving on to bigger rigs.

I’ve flight tested a bunch of nano quadcopters and hexacopters. The ones in this list are the best nano drones for sale in 2021.

Fly Responsibly: If you live in the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration requires many drones to be registered. This includes hobby and professional drones. Visit the FAA's drone registration page for more information. 

Best Nano Drones - Reviews

Syma is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. They’re also my favorite manufacturer of beginner drone models.

The Syma X12 is their best nano quadcopter. it comes with a nicely sized remote control, a charging cable that can be used with any standard USB charging port, extra propellers, and a propeller guard.

I love the way this little drone handles. For its size, it’s surprisingly powerful. It’s a fun, agile flyer.

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The CX-10 from Cheerson is one of the most popular nano quadcopters out there. It was the first one on the market that could withstand a beating and not conk out after a few weeks.

I like the drone’s simplicity. It’s very straightforward to fly. But it also comes with some cool features, like 360-degree flips and multiple flight modes for increased control stick sensitivity.

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If you’re looking for a high-rated drone, the Eachine E010 is one of the highest rated nano drones on Amazon. My favorite part is the built in propeller guards. These things are amazingly sturdy.

I’ve handed this quad over to friends who have never flown before, had them crash it into walls, trees, objects, and it came out perfectly fine each time. If you’re just starting out or you want a fun, durable flyer, try out this drone.

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This is a hexacopter, meaning that is has 6 blades instead of the four blades a quadcopter comes with. In general, hexacopters have better stability than quads.

JJRC is one of my favorite manufacturers overall, and they delivered with the H20. It comes with strong motors that allow it to handle outdoor flying as well as indoor. And they gave it some extra durability with a prop guard for each propeller.

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Interestingly enough, another camera nano quadcopter made the list: The GoolRC CX-10C.

The camera can take photos and shoot videos, it comes with 3 speed modes, an alarm that lets you know when the battery is low, and LED lights to help you see the quad at night.

For under $30, this quadcopter makes a great gift or personal flyer.

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When drones first came out, I NEVER thought manufacturers would be able to pack these kinds of features into drones this small. Low and behold, they’ve done it!

The Eachine E10WD comes with FPV capability. FPV stands for “First Person View.” If a drone has FPV capability, this means that you can see what your drone is seeing through its camera. You get a real time feed to an external monitor. In the past, you used to have to buy a monitor separately, but most FPV drones allow you to connect your smartphone or mobile device to the drone’s camera through its own WiFi uplink.

And all of this tech is in a drone smaller than the palm of your hand. Crazy!

(You can see why this quad had to make the list.)

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What Is The Best Nano Drone For Sale?

There you have it!

The best drone nano drone for sale in 2021 is the Syma X12.

It's fun, affordable, and easy to fly.

Happy flying!

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