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What Is My Drone Authority?

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My Drone Authority covers drone industry news, commentary, and in-depth buying guides.

This site offers guides for both recreational and professional pilots to help them get the most out of this amazing hobby and profession.

The drone industry is incredibly wide-ranging and it is evolving quickly. My Drone Authority aims to sift through the noise and give you exactly what you need to make the best decisions possible as you explore this exciting technology.

Where To Start

If you are a brand new pilot, I suggest reading this buying guide:

Camera Drones: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Pilots

It will give you a full crash course on drones, including which features to pay attention to, a pre-flight checklist, how to fly a drone, and more.

If you are a budding professional pilot in the U.S., I strongly suggest checking out the equipment in this article:

Best Professional Drones for Commercial Pilots – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

And studying these two guides:

How to Get a Commercial Drone License in the U.S. – Certification Guide

U.S. Drone Laws & Regulations – The Ultimate Guide

You will learn exactly how to get certified and the full breadth of drone laws and regulations to abide by.

Safety and regulatory compliance are two of the most important aspects of drone flying pilots need to pay attention to.

If you have any questions, you can send me an email here and I will get back to you ASAP. I’m an open book and I always love helping my readers out.

Happy flying!

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